Josh’s Rating: 4.5/5

Directed by:  Breck Eisner

Inspired By: The 1973 version “The Crazies” directed by George A. Romero

Genre: Mystery, Thriller, Suspense, Sci-Fi


    Timothy Olyphant as David Dutten

    Radha Mitchell as Judy Dutten

   Joe Anderson as Russell Clank

    Danielle Panabaker as Becca Darling

    Christie Lynn Smith as Deardra Farnum

   Brett Rickaby as Bill Farnum

   Preston Bailey as Nicholas

   John Aylward as Mayor Hobbs

  Joe Reegan as Pvt. Billy Babcock


The Review:

This movie is a redux of the 1973 version “The Crazies” Directed by George A. Romero. When I first saw the preview for this in theaters I was a little skeptical because…how many “zombie/infection/virus” movies can you make before you get bored of them? Obviously not enough because I continue to watch them. This movie had a lot of talent that was not expected and it sort of made you get connected into the plot as if you were really there.

The movie starts out smooth, generating character information and the infection starts like a shotgun blast when Rory (the town drunk..who has been clean for years) walks onto the town baseball field…all crazy like. (pun intended) Then follows the investigation, one thing leads to another and before you know it….CONTAINMENT PROTOCOL!

The movie picks up fast, its an emotional and fun ride through the end. Timothy Olyphant plays the lead roll as David and he plays that role good. Him and his deputy lead the investigation and then his wife follows suit.

I honestly love these “stay alive” movies because it makes you think…”hmm..if I was in that situation what would I do?”

The whole movie is them trying to survive, saving who they can and making it to safety away from the town and away from the Army that is murdering everybody to contain the infection. They finally make it to safety, then BOOM! The Satellite has been following them the whole time and the last thing you see is:

“Initiate Containment Protocol”

My thoughts?

Get out and buy/rent/see this movie. Watch this movie with your friends or family members. It is a fun movie to sit and enjoy and it will keep you thrilled and waiting for the next scene. It keeps you entertained all the way to the end, then you quite possibly might want some more? I know I did.

My favorite parts were the scenes with the hunters in them. Those guys just freaked me the hell out, reminds me of the hillbillys from “Wrong Turn”…you know they are crazy, well so are these guys. They were animal hunters when they were “normal” and moved on to hunting Humans when they went crazy and just storing their bodies all over the place.

See it!


It is probably best not to watch this with any small children under the age of..12? Kids mature so much faster these days you really do not know what they can take. If you are a parent or a baby sitter with kids under the age of 10-12, watch something else instead. This movie is gruesome, evil and scary….its a thriller. You do not want to wake up to your kids/neighbor’s kids screaming at’ll shit yourself. 😉


The music was pretty great, went along with the scenes very well and just had a sense of movement with the video. It was enjoyable along with the movie, check it out.

Credit Goes To:

The Crazies Website

IMBD: The Crazies

Gruesome Details







 Josh’s Rating: 5/5

Directed By: Martin Scorsese

Based on the novel Shutter Island by: Dennis Lehane

Genre: Drama, Mystery, Thriller


    Leonardo DiCaprio as Teddy Daniels

     Mark Ruffalo as Chuck Aule

    Ben Kingsley as Dr. John Cawley

     Max von Sydow as Dr. Jeremiah Naehring

    Michelle Williams as Delores Chanal

    Emily Mortimer as Rachel Solando (In the Hospital)

    Patricia Clarkson as Rachel Solando (In the Cave)

   Jackie Earle Haley as George Noyce

    Ted Levine as Warden

   John Carroll Lynch as Deputy Warden McPherson


 The Review: 

Overall this movie was great. I gave this movie a 5/5 because it makes you think and it pretty much keeps you on the edge of your seat for the whole viewing. You are constantly thinking about the whole plot while watching trying to figure out the end before the end comes, yet to no prevail you are stuck with an ending that punches you right in the face.

The movie takes you through the craziness of Shutter Island Mental Hospital and keeps your mind motivated as Teddy (Leonardo) takes your hand and leads you through the mind maze only to come to multiple dead ends before crossing the finish line….but do we really cross the finish line?

The ending is in the lighthouse, Teddy ISN’T CRAZY!! Or is he? Dr. John Cawley brings us through tons of facts pointing at Teddy as a crazed man, but we are sitting there like…”you asshole, you’re turning this whole thing around.” However, then we come to the realization that the Doctor is right and Teddy is really a nut…living in his own world not coping with the fact that his wife murdered his children and he killed his wife…to “set her free.”

He realizes everything and “confesses” the fact that he is in understanding, but then he calls the other doctor (Mark Ruffalo) “Chuck” again…Chuck is the name of his fictional U.S. Marshall partner.

The movie closes with Teddy Daniels saying

“Which would be worse, to live as a monster or to die as a good man?”

He then takes a stroll to the lighthouse to get his operation….to become a docile vegetable. Now, I believe they left the explanation of “was he really crazy” out of it for the viewers own interpretation.

My thoughts?

1. He really wasn’t convinced himself that he was not “teddy” and that the doctor wasn’t “chuck” So, he relapsed from his break through the day before and the only thing left to do was for him to get the operation to remove his memory so he can be clinically sane? However, why live when that happens.

2. He knew what he was doing when he said his last words. He wanted to remove the memories of his wife killing his kids and him in turn killing his wife because he couldn’t live with the fact that he has nothing left anymore, especially when he blames himself for the whole situation. (I should have got her help…etc)


Personally, I would not classify this as a “family movie.” Unless your children are mature enough to handle some scenese of graphic nature and violence. I would not recommend this movie to anyone under the age of 14, just to be safe.


Personally, I think the music was creepy/eerie the whole time. Especially in the beginning when they are on the ferry. Check the soundtrack out!

See this movie, never judge a move by another persons review either. If you want to see a movie see it. 😉


I hope you guys enjoy this movie just as much as I did, I’ll keep up the reviews. Thanks!

Credit goes to:

Shutter Island’s Website

IMDB: Shutter Island

The People’s Movies



 Ok, so yesterday when I got out of work, I headed home to celebrate my guardian’s, Significant Other’s birthday. My aunts and cousins were there so it turned out to be pretty fun, but I’ll get to more of that in  a second. I ate dinner at work, so I just sat with the two little kids (lil sis and lil cousin) while they were eating, plus they were outside and it is nice out there. We were all goofing around and making each other laugh, then I called my little sister a Waffle Cone………why? I have no fucking idea. It just came out while I was talking to her “Hey! you little waffle cone finish eating your dinner!” <– See? Then I proceeded to name my lil cousin “Wet Turtle” I got that name because he was wet from swimming in the pool, turtle was the first thing to come to mind. My mind works like jesus “in mysterious ways” ( lol )

Basically, it is tradition when all the “kids” are there to go out and play a game in the yard…preferably hide ‘n seek. So we played that for a while (meanwhile it was lightning out) Then I decided to jump into the pool with all my clothes on (minus my socks and kicks.) Then the storm got worse and I was afraid that I would die in the pool by lightning…just kidding, the “adults” were complaining about being in the pool during a storm so to shut them up I just got out. I’m eating a salad right now. So then we just sat on the deck talking about my cousin and her friend and how they are PMSing…yay fun stuff. The friend cut her foot and she was being a bitch, Emily (the cousin) was acting like a psycho as usual. I told Emily’s friend that I didn’t care that she was PMSing, pissed off or that she cut her foot….and well she got made and stomped off. I just shrugged and continued on with my life. 😉

Cousin Mike and I stood outside waiting for the storm to hit, but it was just taking forever…..then my Guardian’s SO came out…..

Guardian’s SO: “Hey can you put the umbrellas down?”

Me: “I already did, when the storm first started…because I’m good like that”

Mike: “What?”

Guardian’s SO: “You put all of them down?”

Me: “Yes.”

Guardian’s SO: “Oh ok, because the storm already hit your father’s house and its on its way here..”

(Mind you it is thundering and lighting out and the wind is picking up pretty strong….it has been for the last hour or so)

Me: “Oh! I couldn’t tell!”

Guardian’s SO walks away……

Mike: “What did he say?”

Me: “oh he was wondering if we put the umbrellas down and he said the storm hit my father’s house and is on the way here (I point to the sky)…….I told him I couldn’t tell.”

Mike: “oh, all I heard was “hey..bablalalb balaal rubble rubble…..blabla balablab bal


You can’t make this shit up! lol Its a true story, the only thing I would lie to you guys about is my virginity. (I’m not a virgin) < a lie

I forgot what I named this post….all I know is I tagged the hell out of it.


Second vlog video is up on the tab click right HERE if you want to see it and you are too lazy to scroll up and click “Josh’s Vlog” 🙂

I am going to be adding 2 new categories to my blog:

-Reviews (songs, movies, restaurants…etc)

-What’s in the News? (Its in the name, current news…etc)

I hope you guys find it useful, I will also be talking about the reviews and news in my VLOG so check out my VLOG on Youtube, subscribe and catch me more and more.

For now, this is all……..until next time. Which will probably be in a few hours 😉 I’m at work again and guess what? Its slow!

I know I just posted, but man am I bored!! It is saturday, I’m at the hospital and work is extremely slow. There is nothing to hole punch, nothing to make copies of, phones are hardly ringing, nobody to boss around……..what do I do? I guess I just blog? Find odd pictures and post them in this post? Eat because I am hungry? Any ideas?

If you are bored look through my recent posts. I posted something about my first Vlog, I talked about people pointing out the obvious, I even talked about starting a vlog, my sunburn and my camping trip! So, check them out and tell me what you think…ight?

Also, I am creating an “about me” page entitled “Who is Josh?” Basically, there I will talk to you about myself, just a simple “hey, ‘sup, I know you, you know me? you’re outside my window?” Kind of thing so I can open up myself a little bit more to you all.

I have to tell you, I feel extremely stupid. I have never added tags to any of my posts so basically my whole vlog went unnoticed for the longest time…yay me! So, basically I wasn’t even swimming against the current I was just….sitting there looking at the current as it went by….kinda like when you say something to a dumbass and they just stare blankly at you for a good 3 minutes before they say…”ha….wuhhhh?” then you just turn around and walk the other way…or you just beat them. Which ever way works the best for you.

I have a joke for you guys, it is a little inapropriate so if you do not like jokes like that just scroll down to the rest:

Here goes…

Three vampires walk into a bar, the bartender asks them what they want.

Bartender: What do you want?

Vampire #1: Mug of Blood

Vampire #2: I’ll take a Mug of Blood as well.

Vampire #3: Just a glass of hot water please.

The bartender looks at Vampire #3 oddly and continues getting the order presented to him. He gives the first two vampires their Mugs of Blood and then hands the third vampire his hot water….and says

Bartender: Why didn’t you order a Mug of Blood?

The third vampire was a little shocked, pulled out a bloody tampon and said, I’m making tea!


EWW!! GROSS!! Yah, it is pretty gross isn’t it? I heard it from a friend of mine a little while ago. I used this joke at camp and I used it here, feel like you earned the joke. 😉

Yeah, maybe I’ll bring you guys a better joke…… time? Eh..I don’t know. I found it funny when  I first heard it, it seems the more I see it the less funny it is, more sickening it becomes. Ha…well you’re stuck with it now aren’t you?

I’m going to let you know exactly what I am doing right now.

-Sitting in the office at my desk.

-It is 3:56pm and I am here till 7pm

-I just told you a joke about vampires and a bloody tampon (Quite a sickening joke as well)

-I have to go pee just a little bit…just so you know

-I’m hungry and I just had some laughy taffy (WILLY WONKA FOR THE WIN)-Took me for ever to get that picture on here for some reason

-Just had to go unlock the mail room

-Getting bored of telling you what I am doing….

What are you doing? I know I do not get a lot of views on my blog, hopefully I can change that soon. I really like people and comments and I will take them if they are bad or good, I’m cool with hate mail. 😛 I however, am not asking for it.

Hmm…maybe I should just go for now. I’ll be back later and I am aiming for a new vlog post today SOOOOOOOOOO I’ll link you and you can watch it.

Have fun!

P.S. You can see all my vlog videos on my Josh’s Vlog Page!  





So last night I got bored so I decided to jump start my vlog. It is nothing fancy at this point in time, I need to get some type of video editor, a good intro clip and some effects here and there so I can make my video pop just a tad. Anyone have any ideas on what software I can use?

I made the video after probably about 10 takes…I felt I said UM and UH way to much so I created a game for you in the beginning. Also, my A/C and fan was on so I think there is too much noise in the background, and I look nervous. I think being nervous is funny because I wasn’t in front of anyone…just a camera. OH well, I will get better over time I guess. 🙂

I want you guys to check it out so you can laugh at me, get to know me and follow me through my life in video and in text.

I hope to hear from someone soon. 😉


Quote #4

Posted: July 16, 2010 in Josh's Quotes

“My life is a movie and I am the director.” – Josh Rosenberger

You know what’s funny?

Posted: July 16, 2010 in The Life

The Obvious…

Like when you are wearing a blue shirt and someone says, “WOW, you’re wearing a blue shirt!”…….like you didn’t realize you woke up and put that shirt on. My remark to those things are, “OMG I AM?!”

Today, a horrible day….because I had to get up at 4 to be to work by 630 after working till 1120pm last night..ugh. I walk in and someone says, “Joshy! You’re here today?” I answered back, “No.” I think the more general answer would be “Yes!” but clearly being that it is THIS early and I am tired why wouldn’t I answer no.


I walk from the office to the break room and one of the transporters does a double take and says “You’re here this morning?” and I again say “No, I’m not really here right now…” and continue doing what I am doing and they say “Oh, Okay” like I really wasn’t there and they were talking to a “fake” Josh.

After That…….

Someone comes in and says, “You know…you have sunburn on your face”………………………Why thank you! I didn’t realize, now that you pointed it out I should go get some Aloe and apply it. For Serious?

I don’t know, I think it is funny how people will point out the obvious…like you really didn’t know already. I’m not going to lie, I do it myself too, but today it seems its a chain reaction of “captain obvious” going on here at work. You have to love it. lol

Until Next Time.